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Shit happened to Ferguson is happening in Hong Kong right now!

Students were just protesting peacefully for genuine democracy around Admiralty and Central, yet the police forced used pepper spray, tear gas and violence to disperse the crowd. According to the protesters, the police even raided a first aid booth with pepper spray.

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Not taking any chances

Shit me neither




Not taking any chances

Shit me neither


Lixian always does a really great job animating these, and this is no exception!




Just had my first ever cup of coffee and i am now to punch one million moose in the face. How is this amount of stimulant legal.

I think my eyebrows are vibrating.

I’m very disappointed that no one else came up with the pun ‘vibrows’ and used it against me before I got home from the fair. Weak. You’re all weak. 

supervillain persona secured




By Thomas Sanders

No exceptions.

All of the timing in this video is flawless.

Love Nest Poly AU: A lot of people view Al as having an amazing singing voice. Does this apply with this? Like, Al would get carried away in something and start singing. If so, what are the family's reactions?


“All my life has been a series of doors in my face!” Amelia sings out in her little voice. “And suddenly I run into you!”

“I was thinking the same thing!” Al exclaims, and then he grabs up his daughter and sings to her. “I been searching my whole life to find my own place, and maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue~”

“But with you!” Amelia practically shouts in little girl excitement.

And Al beams and kisses her nose. “But with you~” he sings to her. “I found my place. And it’s nothing like I ever known before~”

Al sings beautifully as he twirls and dances with his little girl, and then Madeline appears at the door, looking shyly in. Al swoops her up in his other arm, dancing around with them both. He knows all the words to the song, and he’s incredibly good at doing Hans’ voice.

“Love is an open do-oo-or, love is an open door~”

His girls sing with him, and he finally has to put them down because it’s too heavy with both of them. Still he continues singing and giving them little kisses on their cheeks and noses until the song fades out of words.  

“But Hans is the bad guy!” Madeline says then. “You shouldn’t sing it so sweet and give us so many kisses like that.”

Al does his best villain face.  “Oh Madeline~” he says “If only someone loved you~” He is good at being a villain, and Madeline gasps loud as he moves toward her.  

“But you love me!” she says. “You do you do!” 

“No I’m eeeeevil. So evil~~” Al snatches her up and blows raspberries against her stomach as Amelia tries to fight him, little baby fists hitting his thighs. Madeline squeals and giggles and finally he has to put the little girl down.

“Sing the other one! The castle one!” Amelia demands then. “I like that one too!”

And Al nods, moving to pose dramatically as he starts to lovingly belt out the words to the ‘Let it Go.’ His mini audience adores him and begs him for encores, but he distracts them with other songs that they like. They spend their afternoon dancing and performing their favorite Disney music together.

( Matt comes in toward the end of their performing, and Al grins at him.

“There’s something sweet,” he sings sweetly while the little girls giggle behind their hands. “And almost kind. But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined. And now he’s dear and so unsure~ I wonder why I didn’t see it there before~”

Al moves and pretends to swoon against Matt’s side as the girls applaud. He’s expecting to be batted away, because Matt turns a bit pink. The girls are amused though, and perhaps that’s why Matt does something surprising instead.

“He glanced this way, I thought I saw,” he sings in a soft low voice. It’s not so good as Al’s singing voice by a long shot, but it’s low and gruff and well suited for the Beast part. He’s also not nearly as animated as Al, and his expression is incredibly straight faced and serious—but this is just as funny to the girls. “And when we touched he didn’t shudder at my paw. No it can’t be, I’ll just ignore…But then he’s never looked at me that way before.”

Al is caught between amusement that Matt knows the words and amazement that he played along. It takes him a second to finally start singing again about how Matt is no prince charming. Matt pulls Al into his arms to fake waltz him around the room, and Al can’t help but feel that ‘beastly prince charming’ is a perfect role for Matt.) 


my favorite college experience is when i had a 7am class and the kid next to me literally poured a monster energy drink into his coffee said “i’m going to die” and drank the whole thing